How to Unsubscribe from Our Newsletters

We understand that your inbox can easily become flooded. If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters, just follow either of the following ways to simply opt out:

1. Unsubscribe from the Newsletter Footer

At the bottom of each newsletter email, you will find an unsubscribe link in the footer.



If you only wish to unsubscribe from the current email, click “unsubscribe” to open the unsubscribe page, then click the “unsubscribe” button to complete opt-out. You can change the newsletter frequency to weekly by clicking the blue “Switch to Weekend Only” button.

You can also manage the other newsletters by clicking the link at the bottom link.

unsub from newsletter.png

If you wish to unsubscribe from all newsletters, please click “click here to manage All Newsletter Preferences” in the email footer to open the Newsletter Management portal. Once arriving at the portal, click the “Unsubscribe from all” button to opt out of all newsletters.


2. Unsubscribe from Your User's Portal

Your user’s portal on our website allows you to manage your newsletter subscriptions in one place. After logging in to your account, click the “Welcome” text or encircled human icon at the top right corner of the webpage to access the User’s Portal.


Once arriving at your user’s portal, click “Email Newsletter” in the left hand side menu to bring out your Newsletter Management page. From there, you can easily subscribe or unsubscribe from our email newsletters.


For each newsletter category, there’s a “sign up” button to control the delivery of the newsletter emails from that category. If the button turns blue and the button texts change to “signed up” with a tick in the front, it means that you have successfully subscribed to that particular newsletter category.


To unsubscribe from a newsletter, simply click on the “signed up” blue button below the newsletter name and description. If the button color turns transparent and the button texts change to “sign up” with a plus in the front, it means you have successfully unsubscribed.

If you wish to unsubscribe from all newsletters at once, simply click the “Unsubscribe from all” button at the bottom of the page. Image

We hope that this process makes it easier for you to manage your newsletter subscriptions. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket or calling our hotline at (02) 8988 5600.

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